Company Profile

DongGuan QunYing Metal Manufactory Co., Ltd has been specializing in coffee equipment for many years, which owned Tiamo brand. Our headquarters is Shii Long Liou Enterprise Co., Ltd , which located in TaiWan .


For the global market, we should not only to grasp popular but also to guild popular. Based on the conception and ideas, and company marketing advantages & strong development capacity, we have created many wonderful cases and works.

Company Profile

This kind of practice is a big pioneering work in the world, because we know that this is our mission and task.


By the love and research of coffee equipment, we hope to share more experience and good coffee with all of you, to promote the communication of coffee culture.

Story of Tiamo

Tiamo is the trademark of coffee equipment owned by Shiilong Liou Enterprise Co., Ltd. It has been registered and obtained trademark rights in more than 20 countries at present. Tiamo means I love you in Italian! The brand named Tiamo, represented our love to coffee industry.


Tiamo was founded to promote the high quality and affordable coffee products for coffee lover to get natural, delicious and healthy coffee drinks simple and easy. At that time coffee is a refreshing drink and instant coffee is the first choice for most people, grinding coffee was served in coffee shop as a refreshing, bitter drink.

The coffee products were imported from the worldwide with expensive cost, Tiamo was established with mission to develop high-quality and affordable coffee equipment, and make the natural, delicious and healthy coffee popular in our life.

Tiamo provide highly stable products by strict quality control of materials, production and final inspection before packing. We firmly believe that stable and good quality is the basis for any brand and enterprise and get good reputation from our customers with good quality and reasonable price.


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