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Coffee Tips


Drip coffee is not only the easiest way to brew a delicious coffee for coffee beginner, but also the best way to taste the original coffee. It is popular with Japanese people for fresh and delicious taste like Syphon coffee. It is suitable for simplified demand, such as family and office.

Drip coffee is easy to make at lower price based on simple equipment. It is the most relaxed extraction method to make a high standard coffee without being limited by space. You can brew 1 cup or more than 5 cups of delicious coffee.

In general, an elegant Pour over Coffee Pot is necessary to facilitate the control of water when brewing the drip coffee. It is graceful and practical. If thermometer, dripper, filter and coffee cup are taken, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee at any time and in any place.

Six key points in extraction:

1. Coffee bean: Fresh and high quality coffee beans

2. Appropriate grinding: Medium fine, brewing once grinding completed

3. Brewing water temperature: 82~83, taste changes as water temperature changes

Water temperature

Change of taste

Above 88℃

Too high water temperature:bubble will appear,leading to incomeplete bloom

87~84℃(suitable for moderately and deeply    roasted beans)

A little high water temperature: to cause strong and bitter taste.

83~82℃(suitable for all roasted beans)

Appropriate temperature:to brew delicious and flavored coffee taste

81~77℃(suitable for deeply roasted    beans)

A little low water temperature:the coffee will be a little bitter and very sour, and uneven

Below 76℃

Too low water temperature can't show the delicious coffee, and leading to incomplete bloom. 

A newly roasted beans should be extracted slowly in less than 80 water.

Coffee beans which have been roasted for over two weeks should be extracted in 90 water . This can release the flavor and aroma.

4. Sufficient bloom: Keep the water steam slowly and gently, and the fresh ground coffee will expand like hamburger. Then let the coffee bloom for 20~30 seconds to release the coffee aroma.

5. Don’t pour the water through the edge of the filter to avoid too low concentration of coffee and tasteless coffee.

6. Too long a brew time can lead to over extraction.

The coffee ground on the filter will become uniform and perfect bowl shaped after extraction.


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